1 Data set of historic magnetograms

Directory entry titles: Historic magnetograms observed in Sheshan Observatory.

Starting and ending year: 1877- 1962

Storage medium: 35000 pieces of historic magnetograms, 35 microfiche reels, 20 printed volumes

Keywords: She-Shan, Magnetogram, Hourly mean value

Summary: The WDC-D for Geophysics holds 35000 pieces of historic magnetograms observed in hujaibang (Lu-Kia-Pang) (31°19' 3"N, 121° 2' 26" E) Sheshan (31°5' 18" , 121° ll' 11" E)all in Shanghai, China during 1877-1962, among which the magnetograms of the years listed below have been digitized and published, and the derived hourly mean values can be exchanged by magnetic disk: 1932-1933 hujiabang and Sheshan; 1934-1940, 1950-1962 Sheshan. In order to preserve these magnetograms well and exchange easily, WDC-D for Geophysics has repaired about 10000 pieces of broken magnetograms. All of 35000 magnetograms is included in 32 microfilm reels.

2 Data set of the China Meridian Chain of Geomagnetic and Aeronomic Observatories

Directory entry title: Report of geomagnetic observation of Beijing Ming Tombs Geomagnetic Observatory Center.

Starting and ending year: 1991 to present

Storage mediums: Magnetic disk, 2 printed volumes

Keywords: Station chain, Chain of observatories, K index, Hourly mean value

Summary: 120°E Geomagnetic Station Chain includes Bejing Ming Tombs Ob-servatory Center(40.0° N,116.8°E), Sanya Observatory (18.2° N, 122.4° E),Chinese Great Wall Geomagnetic Observatory (62.2° S, 59,0° W)and Zhongshan Observatory (69.4° S, 76.4° E)in Antarctica . Since 1991 Beijing Ming Tombs Observatory has published reports of geomagnetic observation and established it’s database in standard form.

3 Paleomagnetic data set

Directory entry title: Paleomagnetic data

Starting and ending year:

Storage medium: Papers

Keywords:Neolithic epoch, Geomagnetic field

Summary:Different kinds of archaeological samples (bricks, tiles, pottery shards, baked clays from kilns and ovens, etc.)have been collected from four re-gions of famous ancient civilization (the basins of Yellow River, the Yangtze River, the Pearl River and the Liaohe River)in China. The direc-tion and the total intensity of the geomagnetic field in central, centre-east, south-east, north-east, north-west parts of China have been determined for the period from the neolithic epoch (ca. 6000 B.C.) to Qing dynasty (ca. A.D. 1900). These results are represented in form of curves of secular variation of the geomagnetic field for each region. This data set will be entered to the Globe Geomagnetic Database.

4 Data set of rock rheology

Directory entry titles: Data on high temperature and high pressure rock rheology

Starting and ending years:

Storage medium: Hardcopy plots

Keywords: Rheology

Summary: Test results of the strength, dilatancy and stress-strain relation of granite and gabbro at 400MPa confining pressure and 400°C temperature. Test results of the complete deformation of marble under 200MPa confining pressure. Time-dependent deformation and strength of shale. Effects of pore water pressure on the rheologic behaviors of sandstone.