1 Data base on glacier inventory in China

Directory entry title:Data base on glacier inventory in China

Starting and ending year:

Storage medium: Floppy disk


Summary: This data base has storied, up till now, glacial data of 7 mountain areas in China, including Qilian Mountains, Tianshan Mountains, Altay Moun-tains, Qinghai-Xizang(Tibet) Plateau inland water system, Yarlung Zangbo River( partly), Kunlun Mountains (partly) and Karakorum Mountain, and each mountain area as a subdata base.

Store format: 25 base parameters of each glacier as a record.

Store contents Number, name, latitude N, longitude E, total area, ex-posed area, ablation area, mean width, mean length, total length, exposed ice length, length of ablation area, orientation of ablation area, o rientation of accumulation area, highest elevation, mean elevation, ter-minal elevation of tongue, lowest elevation of exposed ice, type of glacier, moraine, snow line altitude, date, mean thickness, ice reserves, drainage code.

2 Snow data

Directory entry title: Snow data

Starting and ending year:

Storage medium: Floppy disk, Tape, Image


Summary: Including following items:

(1)Ground station measurement data of snow;

The data mainly from meteorological stations in northwest China, and the items including monthly maximum snow depth (cm), monthly snow days and the days of accumulation snow with the start stop date, snow days with snow depth over 30 cm, monthly mean air temperature and ground surface temperature(°C)and monthly precipitation(mm).

(2)Spectral reflection property data of snow and ice

The measurement instrument SRM-1200 with spectral range 0.38- 1.2μm. The data including snow, age snow and firn, fim ice, glacier ice and artificial ice, and some descriptions about field measurement, target description, environment and measurement parameters and measurer etc.

(3)Remote sensing data of snow and lake ice

Mainly from NOAA Satellite VHRR and AVHRR covering Tibet Pla-teau in the form of digital and image, and Qinghai Lake ice monitoring data in spring and winter.

(4)Snow line data

Field measurement, interpreted from remote sensing data or referred to relative monograph.

3 Permafrost data set

Directory entry title: Permafrost Data Set

Starting and ending year:

Storage medium: Floppy disk, Map

Summary: Data including:

(1)Permafrost environment and prediction

Data including** classification of frozen ground; distribution of frozen ground (permafrost and seasonally frozen ground); data of field observa-tion and laboratory experiment ; data of ground temperature and stratum; Periglacial phenomena;characters of hydrological engineering; ground temperature region near permafrost marginal region; and the most freez-ing depth of seasonal frozen ground and the initial freezing and thawing date at 10 cm and 30 cm.

(2)Physical,chemical and mechanical properties of frozen ground

Data including: physical properties of frozen ground ;chemical properties of frozen ground; heat properties of frozen ground; and physical proper-ties of water in frozen ground.

(3)Frozen soil engineering and building contraction

Data including: engineering geological condition of permafrost; frozen soil as base and temperature field; road engineering; underground engi-neering;and agricultural and forestry engineering.

(4)Meteorology and atmospherical physics

Data including! solar radiation; thermal regime of earth surface;tempera-ture and wind grade; aerosol and CO2 in atmosphere; air, surface and upper stratum ground temperature;and precipitation.

(5)Artificial freezing ground engineering (freezing sinking)

Data including^ thermal parameter of high and lower liquid limit of clay; unfrozen water content, water content and freezing point of middle liquid limit of clay; and creep and the most deformation of frozen clay shaft wall.

(6)Permafrost map

Maps including: regional permafrost map of China and engineering geo-logical plan and section maps of permafrost.