docx.blkcntnr 源代码

# encoding: utf-8

"""Block item container, used by body, cell, header, etc.

Block level items are things like paragraph and table, although there are a few other
specialized ones like structured document tags.

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function, unicode_literals

from docx.oxml.table import CT_Tbl
from docx.shared import Parented
from docx.text.paragraph import Paragraph

class BlockItemContainer(Parented):
    """Base class for proxy objects that can contain block items.

    These containers include _Body, _Cell, header, footer, footnote, endnote, comment,
    and text box objects. Provides the shared functionality to add a block item like
    a paragraph or table.

    def __init__(self, element, parent):
        super(BlockItemContainer, self).__init__(parent)
        self._element = element

    def add_paragraph(self, text='', style=None):
        Return a paragraph newly added to the end of the content in this
        container, having *text* in a single run if present, and having
        paragraph style *style*. If *style* is |None|, no paragraph style is
        applied, which has the same effect as applying the 'Normal' style.
        paragraph = self._add_paragraph()
        if text:
        if style is not None:
   = style
        return paragraph

    def add_table(self, rows, cols, width):
        Return a table of *width* having *rows* rows and *cols* columns,
        newly appended to the content in this container. *width* is evenly
        distributed between the table columns.
        from .table import Table
        tbl = CT_Tbl.new_tbl(rows, cols, width)
        return Table(tbl, self)

    def paragraphs(self):
        A list containing the paragraphs in this container, in document
        order. Read-only.
        return [Paragraph(p, self) for p in self._element.p_lst]

    def tables(self):
        A list containing the tables in this container, in document order.
        from .table import Table
        return [Table(tbl, self) for tbl in self._element.tbl_lst]

    def _add_paragraph(self):
        Return a paragraph newly added to the end of the content in this
        return Paragraph(self._element.add_p(), self)