openpyxl.utils.exceptions 源代码

from __future__ import absolute_import
# Copyright (c) 2010-2019 openpyxl

"""Definitions for openpyxl shared exception classes."""

[文档]class CellCoordinatesException(Exception): """Error for converting between numeric and A1-style cell references."""
[文档]class IllegalCharacterError(Exception): """The data submitted which cannot be used directly in Excel files. It must be removed or escaped."""
[文档]class NamedRangeException(Exception): """Error for badly formatted named ranges."""
[文档]class SheetTitleException(Exception): """Error for bad sheet names."""
[文档]class InvalidFileException(Exception): """Error for trying to open a non-ooxml file."""
[文档]class ReadOnlyWorkbookException(Exception): """Error for trying to modify a read-only workbook"""
[文档]class WorkbookAlreadySaved(Exception): """Error when attempting to perform operations on a dump workbook while it has already been dumped once"""