nose2.plugins.outcomes 源代码

Map exceptions to test outcomes.

This plugin implements :func:`setTestOutcome` to enable simple mapping
of exception classes to existing test outcomes.

By setting a list of exception classes in a nose2 config file, you can
configure exceptions that would otherwise be treated as test errors,
to be treated as failures or skips instead:

.. code-block :: ini

  always-on = True
  treat-as-fail = NotImplementedError
  treat-as-skip = TodoError


from import Plugin

__unittest = True

[文档]class Outcomes(Plugin): """Map exceptions to other test outcomes""" configSection = 'outcomes' commandLineSwitch = (None, 'set-outcomes', 'Treat some configured exceptions as failure or skips') def __init__(self): self.treatAsFail = set(self.config.as_list('treat-as-fail', [])) self.treatAsSkip = set(self.config.as_list('treat-as-skip', []))
[文档] def setTestOutcome(self, event): """Update outcome, exc_info and reason based on configured mappings""" if event.exc_info: ec, ev, tb = event.exc_info classname = ec.__name__ if classname in self.treatAsFail: short, long_ = self.labels(classname) self._setOutcome(event, 'failed', short, long_) elif classname in self.treatAsSkip: short, long_ = self.labels(classname, upper=False) self._setOutcome( event, 'skipped', short, "%s: '%s'" % (long_, ev), str(ev))
def labels(self, label, upper=True): if upper: label = label.upper() else: label = label.lower() short = label[0] return short, label def _setOutcome(self, event, outcome, shortLabel, longLabel, reason=None): event.outcome = outcome event.shortLabel = shortLabel event.longLabel = longLabel if reason: event.exc_info = None event.reason = reason