nose2.plugins.debugger 源代码

Start a :func:`pdb.post_mortem` on errors and failures.

This plugin implements :func:`testOutcome` and will drop into pdb
whenever it sees a test outcome that includes exc_info.

It fires :func:`beforeInteraction` before launching pdb and
:func:`afterInteraction` after. Other plugins may implement
:func:`beforeInteraction` to return ``False`` and set ``event.handled`` to
prevent this plugin from launching pdb.

import logging
import pdb

from nose2 import events

__unittest = True
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[文档]class Debugger(events.Plugin): """Enter pdb on test error or failure .. attribute :: pdb For ease of mocking and using different pdb implementations, pdb is aliased as a class attribute. """ configSection = 'debugger' commandLineSwitch = ('D', 'debugger', 'Enter pdb on test fail or error') # allow easy mocking and replacment of pdb pdb = pdb def __init__(self): self.errorsOnly = self.config.as_bool('errors-only', default=False)
[文档] def testOutcome(self, event): """Drop into pdb on unexpected errors or failures""" if not event.exc_info or event.expected: # skipped tests, unexpected successes, expected failures return value, tb = event.exc_info[1:] test = event.test if self.errorsOnly and isinstance(value, test.failureException): return evt = events.UserInteractionEvent() result = self.session.hooks.beforeInteraction(evt) try: if not result and evt.handled: log.warning( "Skipping pdb for %s, user interaction not allowed", event) return self.pdb.post_mortem(tb) finally: self.session.hooks.afterInteraction(evt)