nose2.loader 源代码

# Adapted from unittest2/ from the unittest2 plugins branch.
# This module contains some code copied from unittest2/ and other
# code developed in reference to that module and others within unittest2.
# unittest2 is Copyright (c) 2001-2010 Python Software Foundation; All
# Rights Reserved. See:

import logging
import traceback
import unittest

from nose2 import events

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
__unittest = True

[文档] class PluggableTestLoader: """Test loader that defers all loading to plugins :param session: Test run session. .. attribute :: suiteClass Suite class to use. Default: :class:`unittest.TestSuite`. """ suiteClass = unittest.TestSuite def __init__(self, session): self.session = session
[文档] def loadTestsFromModule(self, module): """Load tests from module. Fires :func:`loadTestsFromModule` hook. """ evt = events.LoadFromModuleEvent(self, module) result = self.session.hooks.loadTestsFromModule(evt) if evt.handled: suite = result or self.suiteClass() else: suite = self.suiteClass(evt.extraTests) filterevt = events.ModuleSuiteEvent(self, module, suite) result = self.session.hooks.moduleLoadedSuite(filterevt) if result: return result or self.suiteClass() return filterevt.suite
[文档] def loadTestsFromNames(self, testNames, module=None): """Load tests from test names. Fires :func:`loadTestsFromNames` hook. """ event = events.LoadFromNamesEvent(self, testNames, module) result = self.session.hooks.loadTestsFromNames(event) log.debug("loadTestsFromNames event %s result %s", event, result) if event.handled: suites = result or [] else: if event.names: suites = [self.loadTestsFromName(name, module) for name in event.names] elif module: suites = self.loadTestsFromModule(module) if event.extraTests: suites.extend(event.extraTests) return self.suiteClass(suites)
[文档] def loadTestsFromName(self, name, module=None): """Load tests from test name. Fires :func:`loadTestsFromName` hook. """ log.debug("loadTestsFromName %s/%s", name, module) event = events.LoadFromNameEvent(self, name, module) result = self.session.hooks.loadTestsFromName(event) if event.handled: suite = result or self.suiteClass() return suite return self.suiteClass(event.extraTests)
[文档] def failedImport(self, name): """Make test case representing a failed import.""" message = f"Failed to import test module: {name}\n{traceback.format_exc()}" return self._makeFailedTest("ModuleImportFailure", name, ImportError(message))
[文档] def failedLoadTests(self, name, exception): """Make test case representing a failed test load.""" return self._makeFailedTest("LoadTestsFailure", name, exception)
[文档] def sortTestMethodsUsing(self, name): """Sort key for test case test methods.""" return name.lower()
[文档] def discover(self, start_dir=None, pattern=None): """Compatibility shim for ``load_tests`` protocol.""" try: oldsd = self.session.startDir self.session.startDir = start_dir return self.loadTestsFromNames([]) finally: self.session.startDir = oldsd
def _makeFailedTest(self, classname, methodname, exception): if isinstance(exception, Exception): def testFailure(self): raise exception elif isinstance(exception, tuple) and len(exception) == 3: _, value, tb = exception def testFailure(self): raise value.with_traceback(tb) else: # unreachable raise NotImplementedError attrs = {methodname: testFailure} TestClass = type(classname, (unittest.TestCase,), attrs) return self.suiteClass((TestClass(methodname),)) def __repr__(self): return "<%s>" % self.__class__.__name__