This document is for Kombu's development version, which can be significantly different from previous releases. Get the stable docs here: 5.0.

kombu.transport 源代码

"""Built-in transports."""

from __future__ import annotations

from kombu.utils.compat import _detect_environment
from kombu.utils.imports import symbol_by_name

def supports_librabbitmq() -> bool | None:
    """Return true if :pypi:`librabbitmq` can be used."""
    if _detect_environment() == 'default':
            import librabbitmq  # noqa
        except ImportError:  # pragma: no cover
        else:                # pragma: no cover
            return True
    return None

    'amqp': 'kombu.transport.pyamqp:Transport',
    'amqps': 'kombu.transport.pyamqp:SSLTransport',
    'pyamqp': 'kombu.transport.pyamqp:Transport',
    'librabbitmq': 'kombu.transport.librabbitmq:Transport',
    'confluentkafka': 'kombu.transport.confluentkafka:Transport',
    'memory': 'kombu.transport.memory:Transport',
    'redis': 'kombu.transport.redis:Transport',
    'rediss': 'kombu.transport.redis:Transport',
    'SQS': 'kombu.transport.SQS:Transport',
    'sqs': 'kombu.transport.SQS:Transport',
    'mongodb': 'kombu.transport.mongodb:Transport',
    'zookeeper': 'kombu.transport.zookeeper:Transport',
    'sqlalchemy': 'kombu.transport.sqlalchemy:Transport',
    'sqla': 'kombu.transport.sqlalchemy:Transport',
    'SLMQ': 'kombu.transport.SLMQ.Transport',
    'slmq': 'kombu.transport.SLMQ.Transport',
    'filesystem': 'kombu.transport.filesystem:Transport',
    'qpid': 'kombu.transport.qpid:Transport',
    'sentinel': 'kombu.transport.redis:SentinelTransport',
    'consul': 'kombu.transport.consul:Transport',
    'etcd': 'kombu.transport.etcd:Transport',
    'azurestoragequeues': 'kombu.transport.azurestoragequeues:Transport',
    'azureservicebus': 'kombu.transport.azureservicebus:Transport',
    'pyro': 'kombu.transport.pyro:Transport'

_transport_cache = {}

[文档]def resolve_transport(transport: str | None = None) -> str | None: """Get transport by name. Arguments: --------- transport (Union[str, type]): This can be either an actual transport class, or the fully qualified path to a transport class, or the alias of a transport. """ if isinstance(transport, str): try: transport = TRANSPORT_ALIASES[transport] except KeyError: if '.' not in transport and ':' not in transport: from kombu.utils.text import fmatch_best alt = fmatch_best(transport, TRANSPORT_ALIASES) if alt: raise KeyError( 'No such transport: {}. Did you mean {}?'.format( transport, alt)) raise KeyError(f'No such transport: {transport}') else: if callable(transport): transport = transport() return symbol_by_name(transport) return transport
[文档]def get_transport_cls(transport: str | None = None) -> str | None: """Get transport class by name. The transport string is the full path to a transport class, e.g.:: "kombu.transport.pyamqp:Transport" If the name does not include `"."` (is not fully qualified), the alias table will be consulted. """ if transport not in _transport_cache: _transport_cache[transport] = resolve_transport(transport) return _transport_cache[transport]