Functions dedicated to edition.




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called on CWProperty key selection: - get the selected value - get a widget according to the key by a sync query to the server - fill associated div with the returned html

  • varname, the name of the variable as used in the original creation form

cubicweb.edition.js.reorderTabindex(start, formid)

this function is called when an AJAX form was generated to make sure tabindex remains consistent

cubicweb.edition.js._showMatchingSelect(eid, divNode)
  • divNode, a jQuery selection

cubicweb.edition.js.buildPendingInsertHandle(elementId, element_name, selectNodeId, eid)

this function builds a Handle to cancel pending insertion

cubicweb.edition.js.buildPendingDeleteHandle(elementId, eid)

this function builds a Handle to cancel pending insertion

cubicweb.edition.js.addPendingDelete(nodeId, eid)
  • nodeId, eid_from:r_type:eid_to

cubicweb.edition.js.cancelPendingDelete(nodeId, eid)
  • nodeId, eid_from:r_type:eid_to

cubicweb.edition.js.togglePendingDelete(nodeId, eid)
  • nodeId, eid_from:r_type:eid_to

cubicweb.edition.js.addInlineCreationForm(peid, petype, ttype, rtype, role, i18nctx, insertBefore)

makes an AJAX request to get an inline-creation view's content * peid, the parent entity eid

  • petype, the parent entity type

  • ttype, the target (inlined) entity type

  • rtype, the relation type between both entities

cubicweb.edition.js.removeInlineForm(peid, rtype, role, eid, showaddnewlink)

removes the part of the form used to edit an inlined entity

cubicweb.edition.js.removeInlinedEntity(peid, rtype, eid)

alternatively adds or removes the hidden input that make the edition of the relation rtype possible between peid and eid * peid, the parent entity eid

  • rtype, the relation type between both entities

  • eid, the inlined entity eid


unfreeze form buttons when the validation process is over


disable form buttons while the validation is being done

cubicweb.edition.js.postForm(bname, bvalue, formid)

used by additional submit buttons to remember which button was clicked

Cancel the operations done on the given form.

cubicweb.edition.js.validateForm(formid, action, onsuccess, onfailure)

called on traditionnal form submission : the idea is to try to post the form. If the post is successful, validateForm redirects to the appropriate URL. Otherwise, the validation errors are displayed around the corresponding input fields.