dummy ultra minimalist implementation of deferred for jQuery

returns true if url is a mod_concat-like url (e.g. http://..../data??resource1.js,resource2.js)

decomposes a mod_concat-like url into its corresponding list of resources' urls >>> _listResources(',b.js,c.js') ['', '', '']

function loadAjaxHtmlHead(response)

inspect dom response (as returned by getDomFromResponse), search for a <div class="ajaxHtmlHead"> node and put its content into the real document's head. This enables dynamic css and js loading and is used by replacePageChunk

cubicweb.ajax.js.ajaxFuncArgs(fname, form, *args)

extend form parameters to call the js_`fname` function of the json controller with args arguments.

cubicweb.ajax.js.loadxhtml(url, form, reqtype='get', mode='replace', cursor=false)

build url given by absolute or relative url and form parameters (dictionary), fetch it using reqtype method, then evaluate the returned XHTML and insert it according to mode in the document. Possible modes are :

  • 'replace' to replace the node's content with the generated HTML

  • 'swap' to replace the node itself with the generated HTML

  • 'append' to append the generated HTML to the node's content

If cursor, turn mouse cursor into 'progress' cursor until the remote call is back.

cubicweb.ajax.js.loadRemote(url, form, reqtype='POST', sync=false)

Asynchronously (unless sync argument is set to true) load a URL or path and return a deferred whose callbacks args are decoded according to the Content-Type response header. form should be additional form params dictionary, reqtype the HTTP request type (get 'GET' or 'POST').


emulation of gettext's _ shortcut


finds each dynamic fragment in the page and executes the the associated RQL to build them (Async call)


XXX: this function should go in edition.js but as for now, htmlReplace references it.

replace all textareas with fckeditors.


takes a list of DOM nodes and removes all empty text nodes


convenience function that returns a DOM node based on req's result. XXX clarify the need to clone

cubicweb.ajax.js.reloadCtxComponentsSection(context, actualEid, creationEid=None)

reload all components in the section for a given context.

This is necessary for cases where the parent entity (on which the section apply) has been created during post, hence the section has to be reloaded to consider its new eid, hence the two additional arguments actualEid and creationEid: actualEid is the eid of newly created top level entity and creationEid the fake eid that was given as form creation marker (e.g. A).

You can still call this function with only the actual eid if you're not in such creation case.

cubicweb.ajax.js.reload(domid, compid, registry, formparams, *render_args)

js_render based reloading of views and components.